Trinity Kids aims to cooperate with families to raise up children who choose to surrender their lives under the Word & pursue God with their heads & hearts.

Trinity Kids seeks to create an environment that encourages a joyful & steadfast pursuit of God. There are multiple avenues provided for families to invest in their children’s spiritual formation.

2015 Recap Video

This week in Trinity Kids we learned that Paul told believers in the Corinthian church to come together because of the gospel of Jesus. He reminded them that Jesus saves sinners. Because of Jesus and what He has done, believers can humbly come together as one body. 1 Corinthians 1:10-31

•Why is it important for Christians to
be united?
•Whom should Christians follow?

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Story time is always a great time in our toddler room! What a JOY it is to read truths of Gods word to these little ones!

We hope you’re able to join us this Sunday in Trinity Kids!

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This week in our Preschool-5th grade classrooms we learned that Peter was wrong to separate himself from the Gentiles. The gospel is for everyone, and we should show love to everyone. Paul reminded Peter that ONLY Jesus can save people from sin. God accepts people who have faith in Jesus, not people who try to earn salvation on their own! Galatians 2:11-21

We are so thankful for Jesus!

Tonight at the dinner table discuss these questions with your family:
•What does it mean to be justified? Are people justified by faith or works?
•Why is it good news that we are justified by faith rather than by works?
•If we aren’t justified by works, why does God want us to obey Him?

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