Daily Scripture & Questions

Job 14-16 In 14:14, Job anticipates that resurrection would be needed to really answer the problem of undeserved suffering.  Then in 14:17, he pictures having his sin covered and taken away. Since the resurrection of Jesus, we are confident that there is a resurrection coming.  How should that impact the way we look at life’s current suffering?

Family Devotions-Scripture & Questions

Read Job 14:14-17.  Suffering Job realizes that the good news that we will be raised from the dead can change how we look at the bad news of suffering now.  What promised good reward has helped you make it through some hard times?

Biblical Prayer Focus

Psalm 118:1 “Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!”

Praise God that His covenant faithful love (HESED) endures.  Express your gratitude for the good things our good God has blessed you with.