I was born in Seattle, Washington, and spent the first 25 years of my life there. With my parents, older brother and sister, I attended an Evangelical Covenant Church where I became a Christ follower at age 10 or 11. While helping my parents clean the church my family attended, I became overwhelmingly aware of my utter sinfulness and the complete holiness of God. The power of that contrast brought me to pray for the forgiveness of God through the blood of Jesus Christ. I had an immediate visceral confirmation of the application of the righteousness of God (i.e. I felt great relief from the burden of my unrighteousness before God).
As often is the case, I was unaware of the true impact of that event until later. My adolescence and young adulthood was a mixed bag of vacillating between a true commitment to the teachings of Christ and doing “my own thing”. I never went through the typical “rebellion” but it was more just simple selfishness – I wanted to run my own life and not necessarily with reference to God’s Word or His will.
There were a number of events in my life that reconfirmed Jesus’ love and grace towards me but also my need to follow Him. Their combined effect was to launch me both into adulthood and a growing maturity in Christ. Drawn together by our mutual love of the outdoors, traveling and creating adventures, I married Vicky in 1979. After a 3 year stint employed as a forester and 3 years at seminary, we came to Trinity Fellowship in 1984. Through the gifts of encouragement and discernment demonstrated by others at Trinity, I was led by God to become an elder in the 1980’s.
Since then I have been able to pursue my passion for creating contexts where people grow and are changed for their good and God’s glory. This includes my ministries within Trinity but also my business (with another elder, Dennis Chitwood) as a mental health therapist/counselor. I find great joy watching others learning and overcoming obstacles in their lives and becoming all they were meant to be in Christ.