Cindy is God’s second best treasure bestowed upon me in marriage in 2003. We are blessed with 2 additional treasures in daughters, Sophia and Julia. Our small family is further blessed by the treasure of believers in Christ at Trinity. I am a professor and optometrist at the Michigan College of Optometry at FSU. Cindy works full time (and then some) at home. She is the salsa of my life.
By God’s amazing grace, I came to know Christ while I was sitting on a delayed plane at Metro Airport on April 23, 1997. The Lord got my attention by showing me that my life of unhealthy relationships had a common denominator in me. My sin required a Savior. I was saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone . . . The Lord has restored the years the locusts have eaten. He alone is worthy of all the honor, and all the glory and all the praise!
God has blessed me to be a student, teacher and coach in a large variety of local and international opportunities throughout my life.
God called me to attendance, service and membership at Trinity in 1997. You all warmly welcomed my bride and she became a member in 2005. Our girls were both dedicated at Trinity. We consider Trinity to be our home and you all to be our family . . . thank you!
For recreation, I like to read, exercise, travel and be outdoors. We eagerly anticipate spring when we can continue our fascination with playgrounds in West Michigan and elsewhere.