I was a pretty nutty kid right from the get-go and became “well acquainted” with each of my school principals. My high school cross-country team voted me the team squirrel. My mother was amazing at helping me evaluate things and find solutions. My dad taught me to pay attention to detail and to serve others, particularly the elderly and widows. I mowed lawns and shoveled snow for 6-8 widows and enjoyed sitting and visiting with these folks. I am a Respiratory Therapist at our hospital in Big Rapids and teach the same as an adjunct at FSU. I also teach basic and advanced life support courses.
Growing up, we went to church as a family. I learned that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, but I didn’t really see what that had to do with me. I thought I was a pretty good kid and that being good enough was good enough. Mike invited me to AWANA and Sunday evening services at his church. This, along with a TV message I later heard at age 17, made me hungry for a genuine relationship with God. In my search, I bought a book that helped me see God’s desire for a relationship rather than a religion. This book guided me to receive Jesus as my Savior at age 18.
I am especially motivated by Jesus’ words to Peter in John 21:16, “Do you love me? Take care of my sheep.” Therefore, I seek to live my love for Jesus by taking care of His sheep. The Holy Spirit has equipped me with gifts for teaching, counseling, encouraging, shepherding, and serving.
My wife, Laurie, our daughters, Angie and Kayla, and I moved to town in 1992. We immediately found in Trinity Fellowship everything we were wanting in a church. Laurie and I joined membership not long afterward. Laurie has been an Administrative Assistant in the office since 1999. I oversee Care Ministries since 2003 and have been an elder since 2005.
I can’t imagine wanting to be with anyone more than I want to be with Laurie and our daughters. We love spending time together, playing games, going to beaches, and camping. Laurie and I walk-and-talk as often as possible, ride our bicycles, and search for new trails to hike, especially to mountain vistas. I am re-energized by music, worship, and time in God’s Word.