I was born in Detroit, Michigan, and moved a total of 28 times from birth through graduation from high school. My father left us when I was 6 months old and my mother raised me in Central Indiana. Through a number of circumstances during my childhood I learned not to trust and therefore I sought and tested out genuineness in both relationships and my religion. Soon after my mother began attending the same church that I was attending, I rejected Christ as I wanted nothing to do with what I perceived as hypocrisy.

Making destruction out of my life, I came face to face with the claims of Christ and became a believer and Christ-follower at 17. Were it not for His work in my life, it is very safe to assume that I would be dead, continuing and leaving a legacy of despair. But, because of Christ I have purpose and gifts unspeakable that I do not deserve! There are three major influences in my life that have shaped me into who I am.

First and foremost is my relationship with Jesus Christ in whom I am indebted for all that I am and have. He has blessed me through relationships and opportunities that I never would have dreamed possible. Second, he has blessed me with my wonderful wife, Ingrid, as we have marked over 30 years of our exciting journey together. My children are also a great blessing as in a large sense God has gifted me with a family that I never experienced through childhood. Third is a career in the military that God used to shape my passion and world view. Recently I retired my service, even though I continue to have a great passion and opportunity for military ministry.

Through all of these influences in my life I have learned that it is not simply about what I do in ministry or work, rather it is simply about my relationship with Christ and how this spurs me on to love my brothers and sisters and to have a passion for the lost. God has blessed me to be able to enjoy what I do full-time as I have partnered with Steve Wheeler, a fellow elder, in my own work counseling high-risk youth and their families. I also enjoy camping, traveling and spending time together with my family in God’s creation.