A vital part of every Christian’s spiritual walk includes meeting with other Christians on a regular basis in a small group. Here at Trinity, we are a church OF small groups, which are all about growing healthy together in Christ through discipleship, care, and mission!

We were not created to walk this journey through life alone, so it is our desire that everyone that calls Trinity their home-church join a small group so that through life-on-life relationships they can be encouraged, supported, and spurred on toward love and good deeds.

Each Trinity small group is founded on three main pillars:

  1. Discipleship – growing in Wisdom and Christ-likeness under the Word
  2. Care – extending Christ-like Warmth and compassion to one another and pointing each other to God through Worship and prayer
  3. Mission – joining Christ in his ongoing work in this world, locally and globally, through Works of service and Gospel-centered Witness

Your spiritual health should never be taken for granted! So, join a group today and let’s grow healthy together in Christ!

Small groups generally meet in three zones during the year — Fall, Winter and Spring.

Gospel Fluency Small Groups - Updated 10/9/2017

Group Leader(s) Type Day Time Meeting Place
Bull, Dwight and Marcia Mixed Sun 12:30 PM Trinity|NWG
Kahly, Bob & Sally Mixed Sun 6-7:30 PM Thomas Home – Big Rapids
Miller, Jim and Cindy Mixed Sun 10:45 AM Trinity|BR Room 111
Petersen, Jared and Rachel; Peterson, Cory and Kim Mixed Sun 10:45 AM – Noon Trinity|BR Room 112 (May be Full)
Stanek, Bill and Carolyn Couples (50+) Sun 6:00 PM Rotates Homes – Big Rapids (Currently Full)
Thorne, Jeff Men’s Group Sun 10:45 AM Trinity|BR Office Conference Room
Cargill, Chuck and Annette Mixed Sun 1:00 PM Cargill Home – White Cloud
Angell, John and Pam Mixed Sun Evenings Angell Home – Big Rapids
Workman, Tim Mixed Sun 10:45 AM Trinity|BR Room 110

 Fuller, Kenny and Sarah; Fredrick, Rodney and Erika

Mixed Mon Evenings Fuller Home – NE Big Rapids
Mason, Brent and Anne Mixed (40+) Mon 6:30 PM Trinity|BR Room 111
Keef, Tom and CJ 50+ Tues 7:00 PM Canadian Lakes
Routley, Bill Men’s Tues 7:00 AM Trinity|BR Room 113
Bailey, Cindy Women’s Wed 10:00 AM Bailey Home – Canadian Lakes
deBock, Gary Mixed Wed 6:30 PM Trinity|BR Room 113
deBock, Kathy Women’s Wed 6:30 – 8 PM deBock Home – Big Rapids
Diget, Don and Millie 50+ Wed 7-9 PM Canadian Lakes
Lossing, Steve and Connie; Blake, Harley and Dawn Life Group Mixed (20-30’s) Wed 6:30 PM Lossing Home – Downtown Big Rapids
Loveberry, Nick and Kayla Young Couples (20+) Wed 7:00 PM Loveberry Home – Downtown Big Rapids
Plosz, Mitch and Alicia Mixed Wed 6:30 PM Trinity|BR Room 129
Thorne, Jeff and Debbie; Yonker, Dave and Char Mixed Wed 6:30-8 PM Trinity|BR Room 110
Brennan, Peg Women’s Wed 6:30 – 7:45 PM Brennan Home – Big Rapids
Talicska, Kyle and Jill Young Families – Kid Friendly Wed 6:00 PM Rotates Homes – Standwood/Canadian Lakes
Wickes, Trevor and Laurie Mixed Wed (Every Other) 7 – 8:30 PM Wickes Home – Big Rapids (South)
VanAlstine, David and Kelley Mixed Thur 6:30 PM VanAlstine Home – NE Big Rapids
Collier, Colleen and Nelson, Dianne Women’s Thur 9:00 AM Trinity|BR Room 101
King, Jim Men’s Thur 7 – 9 PM King Home – Big Rapids
Lossing, Steve and Connie Mixed Thur 6 – 8 PM Montgomery Home – Newaygo
Shea, Patrick and Jenny; Manchester, Rob and Debbe Mixed Thur 6:30 – 8 PM Shea Home – Downtown Fremont
Vance, Toby and Marla Couples (30+) Thur (2nd and 4th) 6:30 PM Vance Home – Big Rapids
Bettis, Colby and Lisa; Nobliski, Matt and Lindsay Young Couples/Families Fri 7 – 9 PM Bettis Home – Big Rapids (Currently Full)
Hanson, Chris and Julie Couples – Young Families     Rotates Homes – Reed City Area (Currently Full)
Barger, Scott and Theresa Please Contact Pastor Scott for more Information TBD – Based on Bvailability TBD – Based on Availability Barger Home – Rodney/Canadian Lakes
Miller, David Mixed – Mature Couples/Singles  Sun 6-7:30 PM Walt Home – Big Rapids

ADDITIONAL GROUPS (Updated 9/28/17)

Type Day Time Meeting Place Study
Thorne, Debbie Women’s Wed 6:30 AM Trinity BR Campus “Fervent” by Priscilla Shirer
Smithey, Mark Mixed Fri 7-9 PM Kettle’s Home – Big Rapids Nehemiah
Walton, Brenda Moms TBD TBD Trinity BR Campus – Rm 113 Moms in Prayer
Chitwood, Dennis and Wheeler, Steve

Dads and High School Daughters

Thurs Evenings Chitwood Home – Hersey The Truth Project
Thorne, Jeff Men Every 3rd Sat. 8-10 AM Location Rotates Breakfast, Fellowship, and Guest Speaker
Blake, Harley and Dawn Prayer Ministry Class Sun 7:30 AM Trinity BR Campus – Rm 110 “Let Jesus Heal your Hidden Wounds”
Gregory, Bruce Mixed Sun 10:45 AM Trinity BR Campus – Rm 113 Systematic Theology – Wayne Grudem
Vallette, Chris and Laura Mixed – Singles and young families Taco Tuesdays TBD Vallette Home- Big Rapids Personal Vision and Mission
Kuhn, Sharon Moms – Childcare Available (bring some cash to chip in) Tues – 2nd and 4th 9-11 AM Kuhn Home – Big Rapids Book Club – “No More Perfect Moms” by Jill Savage