Student Service

We want you to be involved.  Powerhouse is here to help and work along with you, not just somewhere to be or to do.  We need you to help us make the most of opportunities or help us create new ones.

Some Areas of Involvement include but not limited to:

  •          Teaching team
  •          Drama Team
  •          Worship Team
  •          Follow Up Team
  •          Tech Team
  •          Marketing Team
  •          Evangelism Team
  •          Welcome/Greeter Team
  •          Prayer Team
  •          Food/Snack Team
  •          Game Team

We want you to be a part of YOUR  ministry!!  You don’t have to be involved regularly we know you’re busy, but if you want to serve and help start by filling out the short form. We’ll do the best we can to make sure you are able to serve if you choose so.

If you’re interested, fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you!

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