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At Trinity, we use the “6 W’s” as a guide to help us live as a disciple who shows allegiance to Jesus Christ. That can be hard sometimes, so we have compiled some useful resources to help out.

The “6 W’s” include: Word, Works, Wisdom, Warmth, Worship and Witness. Below you will find each of those “W’S” listed along with 5 ‘levels of understanding’. Each level includes more information and resources that relate.

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The 6 W's of a Disciple Who
Shows Allegiance to Jesus Christ
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Sees the Importance / Need for the Value Does the Occasional Action Step to Live out the Value Begins Integrating the Value by Consistently Being Involved Self-initiates a Personal, Daily Integration of the Value Multiplies the Value by Modeling and Teaching Others


knows God through the applied Word under the direction and empowerment of the Holy Spirit
Has an awareness of the value of God's Word and wants to know how the Bible applies to particular situations in their life. Is under the teaching ministry of others, willing to consider and choose applications to their own life. Consistently reads the Bible, willing to study the Bible with others, learning how to correctly interpret the Scriptures and how to avoid heretical detours. Self-initiates aggressive study of the Bible, able to explain and defend a basic biblical theology, maintains a tender-heart that asks the Spirit to help welcome the truth into their lives. Is able and willing to teach others the foundational truths of the Bible and how to become someone with the skills and passion needed to integrate the Word into their daily lives.


manifests a lifestyle of worship and prayer based on close daily communion with God
Values congregational worship enough to be a regular attender. Prays several times a week. Understands that worship is for God and reflects upon the greatest commandment of loving God with all our being. An active participant in congregational worship. Has a growing sense of the awesomeness of God. Growing in their sense of gratitude toward God. Lives a lifestyle of prayer and worship. Daily focused prayer times supplement a continual sense of worship and prayer in moment by moment communion with God. Is able to lead others into a lifestyle of worship and prayer through example, teaching, and mentoring.


engages in meaningful life-onlife relationships that reflect the love of God and leave people impacted and changed
Has an awareness of the importance of relationships, sees the need for intentionally developing such lifechanging connections, and is developing a hunger for such fellowship. Occasionally has involvement with others but usually at a more superficial level. May desire more but unsure of how to proceed. Has regular life-on-life interactions with other Christians, enough so that any crisis in their life would not have to be met alone. Initiates life-on-life relationships, seeing themselves as a "Life Guard" by looking for others who need a point of meaningful connection. Able to develop and enhance a culture of warmth by modeling it, teaching the principles behind it, praying for it, and encouraging it in others. Formally or informally mentors others along the spectrum of warmth.


lives under the commission of Christ to win and grow disciples, integrating outreach into all aspects of life
alues the need to share the Good News of Jesus with those not yet in the Kingdom of God. Rejoices when they hear of others reaching out in witness. Prays regularly for opportunities to be a witness. Takes advantage of large group "Harvest Opportunities" by inviting others to join them. Knows how to share a basic personal testimony. Is able to share data points of Gospel. Actively engages our culture by turning conversations with friends and acquaintances to spiritual things. Is able to make a reasoned defense of the Gospel, handling objections and roadblocks to faith with gentleness and respect. Equips others to share the faith and models integrated outreach as a lifestyle. Teaches others how to share and defend the Gospel.


serves the building up of the Body of Christ through their spiritual gifting & passion
Understands that personal service is normative in the Kingdom, recognizes that spiritual gifts exist and wants to know theirs. Willing to serve others when asked to do so, involvement is usually on a short-term basis and is not necessarily related to their gifting. Consistently serves others, becoming more aware of the calling of God through their spiritual gifts and passions. Seeks out serving others based on a optimal deployment of their spiritual gifts, passions and resources. May be in a leadership role. Able to release others to serve in the Body of Christ by providing multiplying leadership that encourages others and equips them for the work of ministry.


manages the full resources of time, money, and energy, entrusted to them by God, under the Lordship of Jesus
Has a basic respect an reverence for God ("the fear of the Lord") that breeds a sense of accountability for all aspects of their lives. Beginning to make specific changes in their use of their resources. Practical, measurable faith steps are being initiated. Has come to the place of surrender and submission to God. Actively seeking the Lordship of Christ in all areas. Open to the occasional review of their allocation of what has been entrusted to them. Lives out the Christian disciplines. Uses appropriate tools and relationships of accountability to help integrate biblical stewardship of all things. Mentors others regularly in keeping in step with the Spirit. Effectively passes on tools that help develop self-control and selfdiscipline. Models an integrated life of stewardship.