Job Opportunities at Trinity


Children's Ministry Director

The children’s ministry director provides vision, strategy and oversight for children’s ministry environments and campuses. A successful children’s ministry director must prioritize relationships with other church staff members as well as their own ministry team leaders and volunteers. To succeed at Trinity Fellowship Church, a staff member must ‘STAFF WELL’ by being: self-motivated, teachable, able to handle conflict, flexible, focused, willing to let go, expect results, loyal and leadership-oriented.


Preferably: Candidate with five years experience in children’s ministry leadership and holds an undergraduate degree
Required: Self-motivated, teachable, able to handle conflict, flexible, focused, willing to let go, expect results, loyal and leadership-oriented
Helpful: Outstanding interpersonal skills, a team player, personable and friendly



Strategically lead the children’s ministry department

  • Create an inspiring and healthy culture with core values, standards and expectations
  • Guide and align the annual planning with Trinity Fellowship’s vision and effectively implement those plans
  • Give direction to the ministry’s coordinators, leaders and volunteers by clearly communicating the vision and strategy on a regular basis
  • Ensure a comprehensive curriculum plan exists and oversee the selection of that curriculum
  • Coordinate the ordering, evaluation and implementation of curriculum
  • Offer teacher support and training on a regular basis (e.g., teaching skills, policies and procedures)
  • Process visiting families in a hospitable and timely manner
  • Attend continuing education courses to better understand the spiritual, emotional, cognitive, physical and social needs of children; and attend children ministry conferences to be informed of trends and culture as it relates to children’s ministry practices and procedures

Multiply leaders and build teams within the children’s ministry department

  • Create an empowering culture through ministry clarity and trust
  • Develop, support and multiply leaders and coordinators
  • Provide the infrastructure for biblical instruction of infants through fifth grade
  • Develop a leadership team to assess ministry results, staffing, space and related issues
  • Recruit, challenge, train and develop current and future people to become part of the children’s ministry

Promote and align the ministry with the value of supporting parents

  • Create the value of investing in the lives of parents and children
  • Support the biblical mandate that parents have the primary responsibility to evangelize and disciple their children (provide resources to train parents)
  • Communicate to parents and guardians using church resources (website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and personal methods of communication (cell phone, email, texting, conference calls)



  • Participate weekly in ministry staff meetings and other staff events as requested
  • Oversee and support Trinity’s second location as we are ‘One Church in Two Locations’
  • Ensure that conflicts and complaints are quickly identified and resolved in a biblical manner
  • Collaborate with other church ministries to offer family-friendly programs and events
  • Support all special events for children associated with other church-wide events
  • Cooperate with the senior associate pastor by performing other duties as assigned


  • Prepare and submit an annual plan and ministry budget for approval
  • Oversee budget and expenditures for the children’s ministry
  • Manage data entry and management of families in the church database
  • Manage background checks for volunteers as well as safety and security systems for children
  • Maintain a highly organized children’s ministry department ensuring a clean and healthy environment
  • Review and follow all church and ministry policies and procedures (e.g., child-to-adult ratios, background checks, emergency plans, etc.)