Give a “thumbs-down” to these schemes

At times, we will all “lock horns” in conflict.  But we don’t need to be ignorant of the Devil’s schemes.  We do not need to be outwitted by Satan. If any of the following statements are resonating in our hearts, we are in grave danger of being hoodwinked by the Evil One:

  • “Love means tolerating sinful behavior.”
  • “Love means not causing others any pain.”
  • “Love means trying once but then just letting it go.”

On the other side of the AVOID – ATTACK spectrum, we have been tricked by Satan’s designs if we “attack with so-called holiness” and imagine:

  • “Holiness means forcefully asserting your spiritual authority!”
  • “Holiness means being proven right and being personally vindicated!”
  • “Holiness means that I don’t care if I cause you pain.”

Even if we get it right and speak the truth in love, we also need to work for a restored relationship of joy and gladness, like the Apostle Paul did with the Corinthians.  See 2 Corinthians 1:23 – 2:11 and the Sunday message of February 2. The Devil has deceived us if we mumble in our hearts:

  • “My right to be pain-free means that I can settle for having no relationship with you at all, even if you repent.”
  • “You being overwhelmed by excessive sorrow, caused by me not reaffirming my love for you, is your problem, not mine.”

Conflict is always hard.  Don’t allow it to become deadly by being outwitted by Satan.

-Gary deBock