Welcome aboard to Trinity Kids Children's Ministry!
We look forward to having you join us for an adventure!

Sunday Morning Schedule
Nursery (birth through two-year-olds) – 9:00 AM & 10:45 AM services
Preschool-Kindergarten (three - five-year-olds and Kindergartners) – 10:45 AM service
Elementary (first through fifth grade) – 10:45 AM service

Special Needs:  We welcome children of all abilities and disabilities to join us! Please talk with our Children's Ministry Director Laurie Wickes or Supports Specialist Ali Molnar for more information or to provide information about how we can best serve your child. 

How do I check my child into Trinity Kids? As you come in the east entrance of Trinity, you will see the Trinity Kids Children's Ministry wing to your right. There will be "Guides" waiting in the Welcome Center area to assist you with the check in process and escort you to the appropriate classroom. You will be given a check out tag with a code number for our paging system so you can enjoy attending service worry-free. Children's Ministry classrooms open at 10:40 AM. 

What do I need to know to pick my child up from Trinity Kids? When service has ended, head to your child's classroom and give the team leader waiting at the door the check out tag.  

What all is offered during first service at 9:00 AM? There is an infant and toddler nursery room for children birth through two-years-old staffed with screened & trained volunteers who are ready to care for your child. During that time, children will learn simple Bible truths through creative play, music, and Bible stories.

What happens at Trinity Kids during second service at 10:45 AM? The infant nursery room is for children from birth until they are walking at which time children will transition to the toddler nursery room until they are 36-months-old to allow for more developmentally appropriate learning and play. Just like first service, the nursery rooms will provide children the opportunity to learn simple Bible truths through creative play, music, and Bible stories.

The Preschool through Kindergarten rooms are for three - five year olds and children in Kindergarten. They will have the opportunity to experience Jesus through music and creative activities, participate in exciting large group Bible lessons in our "SPLASH Zone", and be encouraged to share and pray for one another. 

The elementary rooms are for first through fifth grade students. During Trinity Kids, these students will participate in dynamic praise & worship with "The Crew" at "Pier 17", be engaged in Bible teaching led by one of our "Captains", and connect with one another through small group discussions and activities. 

Are snacks provided in any of the classrooms? Snacks are provided in the nursery and Preschool-Kindergarten rooms. The snack is always nut-free and there will be a gluten free option for children with an allergy. If your child requires a different snack due to a food allergy, please provide a nut-free snack in a sealed, labeled baggie each week. 

Is there a place for nursing moms? There is a curtained off area in the infant nursery for nursing moms. There is a TV in this area so you can continue to be engaged in the adult service.

How will I be notified if there is an issue with my child while I am attending the adult service? Your child's security code (located on the check-out tag) will appear on the digital call boxes located on the wall to the left and right of the stage.

How can I partner with the Children's Ministry team to provide my child with the best experience possible? Arrive 5 minutes before the service starts so your children can enjoy and participate in the entire program. Utilize the resources that your child brings home and that we post on Facebook (trinitykidconnect) weekly. Label all of your child's belongings. Communicate with the volunteers - remember we are here to partner with you in your child's spiritual walk. Connect with a small group and participate in the Outside/In Events together. 

What kind of safety precautions do you have in place? To provide the safest possible environment for your children all volunteers are required to go through a screening process that includes a background and reference check. Children birth through fourth grade are not released from their classrooms on their own, but require a guardian to pick them up using the check out tag that was printed during the check in process. Children in fifth grade may be given their own check out tag if the parent/guardian chooses to give them the opportunity to check themselves out at the end of class. Classrooms, restrooms, and hallways are monitored by team members and Trinity's security team. Children are never left alone in a room. 

What if my child isn't feeling well. Should I bring them to church or not? We follow the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics which states that a child should not leave home when any of the following symptoms are displayed:

  • fever, vomiting, diarrhea within the previous 24 hours
  • sore throat
  • green or yellow discharge from the nose
  • any skin infections; pink eye or other eye infections
  • lice
  • any unexplained rash
  • croup
  • any communicable disease

In the nursery rooms (birth through two-years-old) all toys that have been mouthed are placed in a "to be washed" tub.